Our Services

Different chemical and mechanical finishings are performed for the improvement of pchysico-mechanical characteristics and appearances of fabrics:
  •     mechanical softening
  •     chemical softening
  •     needle punching
  •     ironing
  •     steaming
  •     antipilling
  •     latex backcoating
Meeting clients’ special requirements we can offer:
  •     water and oil repellent finishing
  •     flame retardant finishing to 0+1 and Crib 5 UK standards
Only advanced quality chemicals are used in the fabrics finishing processes
Fabrics finishing equipment:
  • Biankalani S.p.A. Airo Due for mechanical softening
  • Fehrer AG NL21 for needlepunching
  • Suker+Muller SF for brushing
  • Bruckner for ironing, steaming, chemical softening, antipilling, flame retardant, water and oil repellent finishing, latex backcoating
Our company offers highest quality yarn dyeing. Possible dyeing lots from 24 kg up to 255 kg of yarns.
We can dye cotton, polyester, acrylic, linen, hemp yarns and/or their mixes
Dyeing equipment:
  • „Loris Bellini“ yarn dyeing machines
  • „SSM“ yarn rewinding machines
  • Dyeing control system „OrgaTEX“
Only the highest quality environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals are used in dyeing processes
You are welcome to contact us for more detailed information